Spotify and music streaming generally want to keep a fraudulent payment system in place because they benefit from it, as do the fraudsters, of course, according to Dada Drummer Almanach on Substack (via Ted Gioia). I’m shocked …

Felicia C Sullivan writes about her bridge book, the novel Follow Me into the Dark, which I discussed in my newsletter last month 📖

“Musk thinks Peter [Thiel] is a sociopath, and Peter thinks Musk is a fraud and a braggart.”

They’re both, of course, very perceptive people and good judges of character. Peter Thiel’s origin story

You can now embed NFTs in your Substack posts …” Finally! Exactly the feature I’ve been waiting for with bated breath. (Excuse the sarcasm, I got a bit carried away.)

According to my ebook app (BorrowBox) I’m now on page 141 of 140 🤷‍♂️

Pianist Emil Viklicky remembers bassist George Mraz who died last week. As I’ve said before, Viklicky is not one of my favourite pianists but I often listen to the album they made for Act, 🎶Together Again🎹. In fact, going to listen to it now.

The Irish Times books quiz is unusually easy today. I still got one wrong, though.

I just read a longish Substack post in NetNewsWire, wanted to ”like” it, so I opened the web page and regretted that I hadn’t read the whole post on the web. It was well laid out with a pleasant background colour. San Francisco is a great font, but I’m seeing too much of it.

Dave Gelly reviews with enthusiasm Chick Corea’s Akoustic Band Live. I have 2 previous albums by this trio (one live, one studio) that I don’t listen to enough. Time to fix that 🎶 🎹

I love Tot but I’m finding its erratic behaviour frustrating. I accidentally deleted a note on my phone (no idea how) and neither shaking nor 3-finger swipe would bring it back. And I thought Tot had versions — where did I get that idea?

I’ve had more feedback on my Frankenstein post than on any previous issue of the newsletter and all of it favourable so far. So, naturally, I’m now worrying about how to keep this up.

Somebody just commented on an old post of mine about motivation, productivity and aphantasia, recommending Obsidian. I’ve seen plenty of discussion of Obsidian on but it hadn’t occurred to me that it was relevant to aphantasia.

I just went to turn off autocorrect on my iPad, only to find out that I already did that months ago. It still highlights misspelt words when I try to edit them, so I can’t place the insertion point at the error, but have to delete and retype the whole word.

Help! The version of Carla Bley’s “Vashkar” on the new Marcin Wasilewski album is ruining those on Arctic Riff for me 🎶 🎹

Recent mentions of Herbie Hancock on Twitter have sent me back to the album 🎶Herbie Hancock Trio 81🎹, which I haven’t listened to for years. I’m starting to think it’s not Ron Carter’s playing that I didn’t like, so much as the sound of the bass: maybe the way it’s recorded?

First impressions of Marcin Wasilewski Trio’s En attendant: at 43 mins, it seems insubstantial; and I much prefer their “Riders on the Storm” to The Doors’ 🎶🎹

The next issue of the newsletter, in 2 weeks’ time, is likely to be about “fugitive women” and to feature Laura Lippman’s Sunburn📚 and Lisa Lutz’s The Passenger📖. I was tempted by the alliteration of “fugitive females” but “women” sounds better.

I just got an email from the company I buy my coffee from, saying that Lavazza are putting their prices up, but not (unless I’m missing something) by how much. That means it’s by a lot, doesn’t it?

The latest issue of Talk about books (newsletter on Substack) has just gone out. It’s Creature and creator in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I loved writing it but I’m totally washed out now.

“I’ll put it on my reading list.”

Might do better actually to read it. Alan Jacobs — @ayjay — recommends Richard Dawkins, improbable though that might sound: The School for Scale

Microsoft has been messing about with Windows Paint again. When are they going to learn? I had to set a new Registry key to get it even to run, and now it takes several minutes to start up. They know people actually use this software, right?

Yesterday, I posted something on my static site that, at any time over the previous 4 months, I’d have posted on Medium. Posting on the static site is definitely more time-consuming (partly because I hand-roll the JSON feed and Twitter card) but also much more fun.

This is the first thing I’ve posted on my own site since May. I had been posting to Medium (using a custom domain name) in the meantime, but that experiment is coming to and end.

The more I look at the draft I have on the Mac, the more I see that it’s a very early draft, missing edits that I made nearly an hour ago. The iPad must have quietly dropped the wireless connection (as it’s been doing unpredictably). When did Apple stuff become so unreliable?

Not only did I lose the last paragraph, but edits that I’d made to earlier paragraphs also didn’t survive. I thought Tot had versions, so that I could go back (on the iPad) to the version I’d thought I was syncing, but apparently not.