This is my final post on Medium, unless I change my mind again. I’ve enjoyed writing there but I’m going to focus on Substack (Talk about books) and my static site. What happened to all my posts?

Yesterday, I was complaining that I couldn’t set up iCloud email wiith a custom domain address because there was something wrong with my SPF record. Turns out, it took a while for the record to percolate through the system but it’s all set up now.

I’ve moved all the Medium posts that I wanted to keep to my static site and I don’t intend to post on Medium in future. I retained the ugly Medium URLs and created an alias from (Medium) to static site but this doesn’t work because SSL 😕 / @pimoore

I’m trying to set up iCloud mail with a custom domain, but I keep being told to check my SPF record. It looks fine to me, and I’ve tried deleting and recreating it several times. Maybe an iCloud email account is not worth the trouble.

As a teenager many decades ago, I meant to read Under the Volcano but somehow never got around to it. I just discovered that it quotes Marvell’s “Clorinda and Damon” and now it’s firmly back on my list.

Wednesday’s issue of Talk about books (about Kazuo Ishiguro’s short stories in Nocturnes) contained a link to my post from 2019 discussing Never Let Me Go (2005). But I might as well post a direct link to that too 📖

I think it’s time Talk about books revisited Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad. I had separate posts about the first 2 novels (of 6 in the series) early on. The next issue (27 Oct) may well be about the 2 middle books, Faithful Place and Broken Harbour, if I can fit both in 📖

I often complain about the slapdash metadata associated with music streaming and downloads. I just had to redownload Nathalie Loriers New Trio’s album, Les 3 Petits Singes, from iTunes. The title of one track was capitalized as “L’aube De L’espérance”! What are they thinking?

The last time I bought an album by Terje Gewelt was over 10 years ago. It was Oslo (2009), with E Pieranunzi on piano, and I got it from iTunes because CD wasn’t available. I’ve just bought Hope (2005) (Christian Jacob on piano) from the same source for the same reason 🎶 🎹

The top ten publications on Substack collectively make more than $20 million a year in subscription revenue, while less popular newsletters typically make tens of thousands annually.

says Axios. If I could make “tens of thousands” from Substack (currently €0) I’d be thrilled 😜

The latest issue of Talk about books newsletter has just gone out. It’s mainly about Kazuo Ishiguro’s collection of 5 short stories, Nocturnes. Next issue in 2 weeks, as usual 📖

There were several things I was unhappy with on Google+, including the way it handled links and the inflexibly regular grid layout. When Google announced its demise, I couldn’t wait to ditch it. But I have to admit I’ve been missing it recently.

Wednesday’s issue of Talk about books is going to be (primarily) about Kazuo Ishiguro’s short stories in Nocturnes. In the meantime, here’s the mini-review that I posted on Literal 📚

Substack discovery: literature

Substack’s “Discover” page can be reached in one of two ways: either straight from the home page or from the Reader at In either case, you’ll find a set of tags or topics that look like this:

“Literature” is one of the listed topics but it’s hidden by default: you have to click the plus sign to get to it. I wondered if there might be an address or URL that would take me straight to the Literature page but I haven’t been able to find it.

So, for now, if you want to look for Substack newsletters on the topic of Literature, you’ll have to go to the Discover page and click the ➕ first. Unless anybody knows different.

No, it’s Andrew Hill. Cedar Walton 🎹 🎶

I’m enjoying the Marcin Wasilewski trio’s performance of “Riders on the Storm” so much that I’ll never listen to The Doors’ version again. Mind you, I wouldn’t have anyway 🎶 🎹

Brexit Destroyed Labour Party, Not Corbyn, it says here. Actually, I’m pretty sure that Brexit at least contributed to Corbyn’s destruction too.

I wish Esbjörn Svensson Trio had made a live album of the music from Seven Days of Falling. Live in London includes “Mingle in the Mincing Machine” and “Believe, Beleft, Below” but it would have been nice® to have “Elevation of Love” and “Seven Days of Falling” itself 🎹 🎶

Usually, for a book this good, this well written, this artful, I would extol it and exhort you, I would send copies to people, I would quote and quote and quote.

But Henry Oliver warns people not to read Elizabeth Taylor’s Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont (1971) 📖

Spying as a summer job, between A-Levels and university: Charles Cumming’s Box 88 📚

So, I just ordered the Cambridge Companion to Salman Rushdie (paperback), edited by Abdulrazak Gurnah. I’ll read some of Gurnah’s fiction soon but I thought that his essay and introduction to Rushdie would be an interesting place to start 📖

I’m so glad I cancelled my subscription to the NYT last year, because now I can’t give in to the temptation to read that long “Bad Art Friend” story. I know I would read it if I could, so I’m being saved from my own impulses. Maybe I should cancel a few more subscriptions?

It’s 30 years this month since I gave up legal practice. Last night I dreamt that a batch of personal injury cases had been found in which I’d allowed the limitation period to run out without starting proceedings. Three decades on, that job can still make my anxiety worse!

Kennys’ Bookshop has a new search facility and it’s a lot faster (and, on first impression, more comprehensive) than the old one. If you want to buy from a real bookshop rather than a virtual one (like or the predatory everything store.

Lennie Briscoe was one of my favourite characters on Law & Order. I didn’t know that Jerry Orbach, who played the role, and his first wife, writer Marta Curro were great friends with gangster Joey Gallo, who was murdered in 1972.